Diabetes Mellitus

  • Diabetes is one of the most common medical conditions diagnosed and treated at Low Cost Health Clinics. Due to the significant prevalence of diabetes, glucose screening is offered and encouraged at every visit. While glucose is a random glucose check, hemoglobin A1C is the most useful lab test to assess the status of diabetes. 
  • Diabetes requires frequent monitoring in order to maintain adequate control. Lab work is done every 3 months to monitor diabetes. Maintenance also includes annual ECG and complete bi-annual labs. Patients are also educated regarding the importance of exercise, diet and lifestyle modifications. 
  • Uncontrolled diabetes can affect every organ and system. Uncontrolled diabetes can cause blindness, stroke, heart attack, poor circulation, frequent rapidly spreading infection, sepsis, mood swings, heart failure, kidney disease and failure leading to dialysis, neuropathy, ulcers and amputation. We recommend annual eye exams with optometry and foot exams with podiatry.

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